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Wednesday 12 January 2011
Impossable to maintain this site using a Phone.
amiel, Wednesday 12 January 2011 - 13:51:51 // comment: 0

I have returned to my senses as of a few days ago. No longer entertaining plans to maintain the site from my cell phone.

Nothing to announce for the immediate. However, I did hear that we set a record for Climate records in 2010. We apparently broke more Climate records in 2010 that we had broken in the last decade of so.

Also, I've heard a lot of criticism of the use of semicolons; where this comes from I don't know. What's the difference?

It's like speaking with an accent. If you understand what I am saying then my accent becomes a non issue. Si or No?

Anyway as a result of the criticisms I have heard pertaining to semicolons I will attempt to curtail my use of them in the future. At least until the critics either grow up and realize the creative potential of ALL of the punctuation marks in the language or come to terms with their own lack of artistry and creativity as (nitpicking jealous) critics. And perhaps seek out some areas where they might excel for themselves. Or a hobby maybe.

That's it. Enjoy your day.

Monday 07 June 2010
I read an article in EWeek May 17, 2010 on Network Neutrality.
amiel, Monday 07 June 2010 - 22:47:23 // comment: 1

I found that I disagreed with the comparisons made and the conclusions reached (read the article). I am not going to touch the mention of 'ISP's providing security on subscribers connections'. Which is completely misleading to readers. I assure you (all) that providing security by examining what passes over their network for your connection is not a function of any ISP.

What Net Neutrality is was defined long ago. And it is not simply, nor in any way related to Traffic Shaping.

Wikipedia has a well organized page on the subject entitled, "Network Neutrality", which can make things clearer (click to view).

The following are the opening paragraphs from the Wikipedia site:

Network neutrality (also net neutrality, Internet neutrality) is a principle proposed for user access networks participating in the Internet that advocates no restrictions by Internet Service Providers or governments on content, sites, or platforms, on the kinds of equipment that may be attached, and on the modes of communication allowed.

The principle states that if a given user pays for a certain level of Internet access, and another user pays for the same level of access, that the two users should be able to connect to each other at the subscribed level of access.

The issue to any of us can be described as individual subscribers unfettered, unadulterated tcp/ip network access. The various means (and there are many) by which a user could be denied unfettered access are not really important. The technical details are not important. What is important is that ...

If a given user pays for a certain level of Internet access, and another user pays for the same level of access, that the two users should be able to connect to each other at the subscribed level of access.

From the article the mention of traffic falling into the categories of UDP, often video and audio, and TCP traffic, are a convenient and necessary way to partition traffic to address performance issues when traffic traverses the public network. Performance is an issue that ISP's are currently expected to deal with ( for) when advertising and marketing their product which is re-sold to consumers. In this case under the description and definition of 'Internet Connection'.

The option of identifying and limiting traffic of a certain 'type' as a means of addressing their performance requirements (which is not our problem) for providing such a connection is not an acceptable route to use. Doing so violates the concept of a required Neutrality for the network connection whenever such identification and limiting of traffic impacts the individual connection negatively.

Further in Legislating Network Neutrality, the potential for creation of service categories based on 'type of traffic' is acknowledged and specifically prohibited. In other words making it clear that creating 'categories of services'; 'slicing and dicing' up the standard tcp/ip network connection is not a viable direction to plan business 'growth'. Or maybe even the solution for handling network performance issues.

So without any further ado. Network Latency has nothing to do with Network Neutrality; except insofar as latency and growing performance challenges are almost certainly the driving reason that ISP's must utilize Bandwidth Shaping and may seek to further partition ''types of traffic and to prioritize flow and price traffic based on such identification.

Unacceptable latency as mentioned in the article is caused by the limitations of the ISP's bandwidth, hardware limitations, and so fourth.... prioritizing or managing the flow of certain kinds of traffic to address these issues has nothing to do with anything related to network neutrality; so long as this prioritizing of traffic that constitutes the subscribers connection has no negative impact at all on the users subscribed rate of connection. Does that make sense?

Although not an exact fit, amongst some of the history I learned (at Wikipedia) is that the following text appears in the, "Pacific Telegraph Act of 1860", which addressed the 'neutrality' issue of the day...

messages received from any individual, company, or corporation, or from any telegraph lines connecting with this line at either of its termini, shall be impartially transmitted in the order of their reception, excepting that the dispatches of the government shall have priority ...

An act to facilitate communication between the Atlantic and Pacific states by electric telegraph, June 16, 1860.

So I guess that having a legislated assurance for not controlling what flows across the wire is not anything new.

Thursday 03 June 2010
Where is the YouTube Video? - Israel kills Numerous Passengers on Turkish ship in effort to prevent Aid destined for Gaza Strip.
amiel, Thursday 03 June 2010 - 15:29:10 // comment: 0

Discussion in Israel's parliament Wednesday was heated as lawmaker Haneen Zoabi took the stand. Zoabi, an Arab Israeli legislator was also a pasenger on the Turkish ship when it was borded by Israei Special Forces.

... A Battle over Government Testimony breaks out

Below is the complete BBC Broadcast. Made available by the BBC on June 3rd 2010.

Please be aware that the entire report is available at the BBC website.

A through presentation is being prepared for Saturday Jun 4 2010. via the BBC Website. Please visit the BBC website to find complete details.

Sunday 30 May 2010
StartUp Visa Act of 2010
amiel, Sunday 30 May 2010 - 07:21:26 // comment: 0

I am certain that this bill has been largely overlooked by Americans (read).

If they knew that it existed and realized what it means to them in terms of what they will get for their dollar. There would be some real opposition to this one.

There is more to Americas current dilemma and what is in the best interest of America than addressing Silicon Valleys personnel requirements for creating new consumer products.

Why would anyone believe that it is in Americas interest to bear 'any' burden for anyones exotic personal personnel requirements.

If they require personnel that are physically located on the other side of the planet, let them invest in a web cam.

The last thing that America needs is yet another conduit for persons with Foreign loyalties to exploit the resources of America. While simultaneously ignoring the long standing need to invest in these same creative ways first, IN America itself.

Where is the legislation that invests in theses creative ways in America?

Has there ever been any?

India has done it, and reaped the results. China has done it, and reaped the results.

America. Invests it's efforts in promoting the growth and expansion of Foreign domination of currently 'less than competitive' American business. At taxpayer expense.

Where is the corresponding legislation to address the root problem that Americans are facing in the face of the competitiveness issue.

Where is the imaginative legislation to help Americans who are entirely as capable as anyone on the planet?

This convinces me that we do, desperately need to change the leadership in Washington. And I am absolutely astounded that Mr. Kerry is involved and supports this.

"... Global competition for talent and investment grows more intense daily and the United States must step up or be left behind". Bill Gates said the same things in 2006, years after we knew that there was a growing technology skills deficit. The Government did nothing to help America to address that as an issue.

Today we continue to do nothing. Except to continue to provide opportunities to Foreigners, at the expense of Americans.

This legislation sells out Americans for a pittance (the few jobs little more than crumbs) in contrast to the higher level opportunities that are offered to non-American. In the current climate (May 2010); and with the current set of facts on why we find ourselves 'behind' in so many areas of business and manufacturing in the first place. This legislation is a slap in the face to Americans.

Sunday 11 April 2010
Open Government Initiative - Makes History
amiel, Sunday 11 April 2010 - 17:40:46 // comment: 0

I was just perusing news articles and came across this choice piece by a bright young fellow who wrote a lengthy article about the Open Government Initiative spearheaded by President Barack Obama. (read).

The AOL website was undergoing some site maintenance. It was probably a good thing.I had wanted to give this kid (the writer) some words of wisdom and some background on the subject that he seemed quite intent on casting as the ineptness of Government;

in light of the 'tech savvy' teens that were mentioned (first sentence, second paragraph). I couldn't not say something. Worst part of this kind of this is that he and probably the 'tech savvy' teens he mentions, identify with that label and really see themselves as such. Tech Savvy.

We are talking about kids who have grown up during a period of the worst technological talent drain that has probably ever occurred in American history. When Americans were relegated to the role of technology consumers; from the role of leading technology innovators.

We are talking about kids who's technical savvy; as a result of a lack of exposure to anything enriching technology wise, beyond Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google; leaves them, wholesale, at a loss to understand the worth and importance of Government Data, previously unavailable, unless that data is presented to them on Facebook or provided through a 'Dashboard' of some sort. Seems to be what is being indicated in these articles.

Talk about consumer oriented. This is a frigging participatory exercise... you know, like gym class.

There was also mention of comments made at the ProPublica web site, who describe themselves as being. "... journalism in the public interest." (click); published the remarks that, " the plans we've looked at today are a bit vague when it comes to what agencies actually will to do to be more transparent".

... Wait wait. I can answer that one...Government Agencies are going to make their data available. Something that had not been done before to any large degree. Unfortunately you'll probably have to get with some of those 'tech savvy' kids in order to figure out what to do with it.

As I was looking into some of the information related to the story I uncovered the real story. Amazing. I found it at the White House web site. Here's a link to the story (link). And I must include here that this is an example of how important math and science are, as we have heard so much about lately. When life so often calls for putting two and two together.

This article is not finished. I am at the moment....I need to hire an assistant. I swear.

Some background for this post can be found here.

More detailed information can be found here.

Wednesday 31 March 2010
French President, Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife went to Ben's Chili Bowl.
amiel, Wednesday 31 March 2010 - 06:05:48 // comment: 0

French President, Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife went to Ben's Chili Bowl.

Yes that's right, Ben's Chili Bowl. 12th and U Street, all the way from France. Take care of a little business downtown, then stop by for something to eat on the way home. ...tell me about international relations. If people are just plain Cool it makes for a whole lot less stress for everybody.

Everybody knows that. Plain common sense. I am taking note here that this, unequivocally marks a whole new era in Foreign relations. I wonder if they shared a taxi cab home?

In the mean time you know who works out a deal with Dmitri A. Medvedev that reduces, by a substantial number, the number of nuclear weapons that are aimed at us (and ours aimed at them). Proving what all of us already knew. And that is:

... that you can accomplish a lot when people genuinely respect you and like you. ... Ben's Chili Bowl, ain't this a b.

Incidentally on another note, I am digging Vladimir Putin's comments on Tuesday when he promised to "drag out of the sewer" the masterminds of the twin suicide bombing of the Moscow subway system. I suspect, considering the company that these guys are keeping lately, that that will probably happen and fairly soon.

More as events evolve.

Friday 26 March 2010
Representative Brian Bilbrey Comments on need for 16,000 more IRS employees.
amiel, Friday 26 March 2010 - 07:14:00 // comment: 0

Read this article posted at Fierce Government website which mentions Congressional decision makers, lambasting DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs over failures in their efforts to effectively share data.

Someone please communicate to Representative Brian Bilbrey (R-CA)... that it is not sufficient to call people names when addressing the specifics of this kind of problem. Lack of knowledge has always been a factor for consideration when IT use and implementations are the topic.

The worthwhile thing is that those responsible realize that, and seek to manage that particular issue in a constructive way.

I saw the Congressman's comments on FOX news concerning the need for Sixteen Thousand additional IRS employees as a result of the new Health Care legislation's requirements .

Such a response by him really nails this thing; in ways that he is, demonstratively, not aware.

The IRS (agency) and related agencies in the task, already have the facilities in place to manage the task of health care payments collections and enforcement; imagine if you will that payments by individuals for health insurance pursuant to the legislation's requirement, are collected in the same fashion as SSI, state/federal taxes, though payroll deductions.

Nobody gets `behind` in this scenario. For unemployed individuals; balances accrue. Upon becoming employed once again; deductions are slightly increased to address collecting account balances. No hard feelings from anyone and no new 16,000 solders roaming the streets.

Instead of thinking of 16,000 policemen, think 16,000 more IT employees to address the various implementations that are falling behind in the Country.

Wednesday 03 March 2010
GSA Administration - Avoids the Cloud - A Head of the Cloud.
amiel, Thursday 04 March 2010 - 00:00:00 // comment: 0

This is unreal. I received an email related to some of the activities of the Government in the area of Information Technology.

I am really uncomfortable.

I had never seen the site called I don't know how or why, but I got a glimpse of it. I was able to look over a couple of pages of the site.

I was really struck by the content. I arrived at the site from an email describing how the GSA had taken some steps back from it's announced intentions to take bids on it's new `Cloud Computing initiative`.

I had never seen the site. I read in the email article that the link was for a SaaS (Software as a Service) `dispensing` website where Government employees could go and purchase software services. I didn't think anything.

I clicked the link and went to the site.

I saw a page with rows and columns of small thumb nailed images, logos with brief text descriptions, things like Geosomething-or-another, and User Supportsomething-or-another and Multiple Usersomething-or-another.

I clicked on one. It was a 100 user unlimited access to Googlesomething-or-another. And another one a 3G worth of Googlesomething-or-another.The pages kind of went on and on like that. There were a couple of references to, and one or two others. With 30 or 40 icons in perfectly uniform rows and columns, complete with prices listed in separate columns that ranged from a Dollar to Ninety Thousand Dollars.

Like the selection panel on a vending machine. Like snacks, filled with who knows what.

As I was looking at this stuff. I am imagining a Government employee using such a site with a Government credit card.

I am also thinking of the fact that this is not real. I know that. I also know that that Government employee won't know that. The manager, or department head who has the responsibility for getting the job done; for making the decisions. That individual who has been told or is being told that Cloud Computing is the wave of the future...

When that person visits that page; without the benefit of the background and understanding of what all of this Cloud Computing thing is (the boss won't know either, no need to asking them), and with the burden of the responsibility to make a decision they will click the pretty little buttons.

In this context, it is Snake Oil.

I have been involved with computers and software development since the time when fast desktop computers ran at 4mhz, before Microsoft unveiled the 'thunk', before mice, before monitors had more than two colors, office servers had four megabytes of memory. Twenty five years. I've seen a lot of the marketing and all of the evolution. I've used every type of hardware created and written software for most operating systems that have existed since those times.

I've seen the Government in action. I've seen waste and foolishness to the tune of millions of dollars at the hands of people who really didn't mean any harm. ... they just didn't know any better.

GSA is to be commended. For whatever reason they found to put the breaks on what I saw. It can only ever be a conduit for waste. Further it robs that small army of Americans who could fill the jobs roles that those thumbnail descriptions carry, from the opportunities that those thumbnails represent.

Furthermore I don't think that is is fair to have taxpayers subsidize the evolution of a handful of Companies in their pursuit of the dream of marketing Software as a Service, The Cloud or whatever other trendy tag one wants to put on this thing. Government needs to develop it's IT Personnel Resources in a realistic coherent and tangible way. Thereby strengthening Government capabilities rather than strengthening some fortune 500 company at taxpayer expense.

The Government already has all of the capabilities of Facebook and Google many times over. It just doesn't apply it.

In 2001, various Government Agencies in Washington D.C., received countless hours of 'Free' development work that created professional quality Web Applications for Agencies that previously had none. It was done free of charge.

I haven't been to Washington in some years. But my guess is that those projects have long since gone to the wayside and the Developers that worked on them are raking leaves in the park somewhere.

Friday 19 February 2010
S.J. Res 27 , 75, 73. H.J. Res 1, 7
amiel, Friday 19 February 2010 - 05:20:41 // comment: 0

On November 2001 the US Debt was 5.727 Trillion Dollars.

On March 2009 the US Debt was 10.895 Trillion Dollars.

Using my calculator that is an increase of 5.168 Trillion Dollars over Eight Years..

What was added to the US Debt during that time (or, how to spend 5.168 Trillion dollars):

1.7 Trillion. Tax Cuts to stimulate economic growth targeting the period from the time of the bills enactment through to 2010. These tax cuts were enacted during a time of the lowest unemployment levels in history (in my life time). Some examples of the logic of the day that prevailed that explained the spending [[The article link at was replaced at their site; it's original content changed and thus it has been been removed]]. O.K.

2.4 to 3 Trillion for Iraq war.
Plus 700 billion long term health care costs stemming from the Iraq war.
(I can't find a lot of the relevant incidentals that contribute to spending under this heading.
ie. billions in military equipment repairs and so on that must be spent ...). Anyway.

That's 3.1 to 3.7 Trillion in spending through 2017 for the Iraq war. (spending doesn't end as soon as the shooting stops I guess).

Rough total so far is Five Trillion +/- Dollars added to the deficit between 2001 and 2009.

But wait. The tax cuts did nothing to stimulate economic expansion, economic growth, investment or create more Jobs. (most of which in each of these categories flowed overseas at 'neck break' speeds during that period). Based on government statistics (and my empty cabinets).

So, from January 2008 to February 2009 (a little over one year) more than 3.8 million jobs were lost in America. The actual rate of job loss; that is, the total number of jobs that were lost per month, was the highest rate of job loss that had occurred for over thirty years in the United States. (read), and this (pretty charts ...), and this one (read).

O.K. lets move on.

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. 152 Billion Dollars.
(This was the administrations response to weaknesses in the credit markets and the resultant threats to economic stability... Credit and Banking practices were never officially called into question however, causes of the eventual housing market collapse were not addressed, but I am getting ahead things)

So we have a trend working here. Part of the trend was complemented by the fact that as part of the previous consistent governing patterns, nobody knew what happened to the 152 billion dollars. Most of it went to TARP funding. Under the definition of TARP. But it was clear early on that tracking the flow of the money would not be possible. No attempt was made to track the money; until after the money had already been distributed. This gave rise to the Bonus Scandals. When the guy that didn't keep track was replaced by the guy that meticulously did keep track. The 'AIG Scandal' became news in mid March of 2009, Barack Obama had been in the White House for 54 days.

In December 2008 Unemployment had risen to over 7% (unemployment, read). This, unfortunately was only the beginning of the job loss phenomena in America. The Job Loss trend continues today (Feb 2010) but at a reduced rate.

The not yet sworn in President Elect expresses a vague knowledge of the details of the situation (click).

What is wrong with this guy. Didn't he see the figures on unemployment? Doesn't he know that we have a deficit of ten trillion dollars? Where are we going to get the money?

We can't spend any more money that will increase the deficit now! I mean, I mean, there's something special about the situation now. I mean, I'm not quite sure exactly what that might be. But the problem is Big Government. Anybody can see that. We need to be spending less now not more. Look at the deficit! We're passing this debt on to our Children. What's wrong with him?

Sorry but I couldn't contain those remarks. I don't know what caused it. One minute I was sitting here eating my sandwich and sipping my tea... something just all at once came over me.


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