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Date published: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 17:11:29 -0400
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Thursday 16 June 2011
Tax breaks for corporations doing business overseas.
amiel, Thursday 16 June 2011 - 12:22:04 // comment: 0

Continuing on the same predictable path to complete financial breakdown American politicians gave Americans yet another shove onto the path of the bus not too long ago (read) providing proof of their destructive intentions, while managing to own none of the responsibility for the damaging results of their legislative profiteering.

Sufficient to simply spin a tale appropriate for the consumption of the completely stupid, deliver it with elegance, and move abruptly on to the more important things like running for president.

Take a look at how these (and more) tax dollars are guaranteed to be squandered this time. (read).

So the dancing text shows that for the most part expectations were largely met in the areas where the know-how and technologies had existed for decades. Formerly expensive server technologies, virtualization, made accessible and affordable (try, free). Decades old concepts and technologies spray painted 'Cloud' [not my words] marketed to the technologically savvy (along with the term 'technologically savvy' itself). Voila! Whole new lines of consumer products. All that is missing in this story is the bond market and the cheated investors.

Wait. The tax breaks (investment subsidies) that Americans gave to business to invest in such, and with the recent vote mentioned in the first link, will continue to give to business. Begins to take on the same distinctive form of previous episodes of exploitation where Americans had no control over being royally fleeced. And end up footing the bill.

The collapse in our economy was firmly in place many months before Bush left office. Remember? You were there. Here's the instant replay (click).


We don't need more business people in Washington politics, we already have plenty. We need fewer thieves, fewer liars, and fewer cheats in Congress. We need more oversight of our resources that are under the control of Congress.

Excellence in security, or is that excellence in holding the purse strings on public funds that are ripe for exploit under the guise of having something to do with Security (read)? All of this from a Company that is entirely built on addressing the security of an OS that can never be fixed as the mentioned company would be rendered largely useless as a direct result of such fixing.

How much of this is real and how much of this is entirely made up? Never mind. Point is, this represents business as usual and as such it is worth mentioning.

Monday 02 May 2011
Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden 'dead'
amiel, Monday 02 May 2011 - 03:17:57 // comment: 0

President Barack Obama will provide details at a special news conference. Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden was located and killed in a Mansion outside of Islamabad in an Intelligence Operation according to the BBC website.

Saturday 23 April 2011
Obamas decision to use Drone Aircraft proves decisive in Misrata.
amiel, Saturday 23 April 2011 - 01:21:40 // comment: 0

Sadly, Senator John McCain's effort to exploit the situation for political gain, and his choice to make references to, "fearing terrorist will come into the picture", opened the door for further propagandizing by the Libyan Government.

Today (this morning) the Libyan Government announced that It will withdraw from Misrata, with its troops to be replaced by legitimate 'Villagers' who will continue the fight against the Transition forces, whom the Libyan Government has always claimed to be, ... ah, the word that John used, in the first place. Providing the Gaddafi forces with a potent tactic to protect them against the drones. It's called, changing your clothes.

Thanks John.

The date of (this article) shows that the damage resulting from the McCain micro-management styled comments began simultaneously to his visit, his recorded comments and remarks. With just a few incompetently chosen words the politician introduced the threat of jeopardizing the thus far good impression that the Transition has struggled to solidify and develop with the Western world; simultaneously the comments served to lend legitimacy to Gaddafi's propaganda war with a renewal of it's original theme of, ah.. the word that John used.

Senior member of some darned committee. The State Department couldn't stop him from going.... he's another one, clearly demonstrating his inability to do a job, in addition to not being able to fly a plane (incidentally that's three (3) planes John not, "... a plane...").

Thursday 21 April 2011
Interesting information - Troy Davis - Bob Dole - Felker v. Turpin
amiel, Thursday 21 April 2011 - 03:42:21 // comment: 0

Interesting information - Troy Davis - Bob Dole - Felker v. Turpin.

A Times magazine article published in July 2007 written by Brendan Lowe entitled, "Will Georgia Kill an Innocent Man?", mentions a piece of legislation Sponsored by Senator Bob Dole, with help from House Speaker Newt Gingrich entitled, "The Federal Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA)".

That today is central to the journey of Troy Davis as his life has wended it's way through America's Constitutional system of justice.

You see, had there NOT existed a need to reduce the bureaucratic case load (or overload) in US Courts in the mid 1990's there would have been no need for the legislation, and thus there would most likely not be a Troy Davis in the headlines.

Prior to the 1996 Legislation, the case would have been routinely referred back to State Court for re-trial. The "Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996" eliminated such access as a 'right'.

Troy Davis's case and his believed innocence has received attention worldwide. Some of the notable individuals that have expressed a need to find the means for judicial review of post conviction evidence for fear of executing an innocent man are...

Former Georgia Governor - US President, Jimmy Carter (*)

Catholic pope - Pope Benedict XVI (*)
worth noting here is that the Popes responses indicated the questionable status of 'facts' in the case and not solely his moral perspectives in the matter.

Former presidential candidate - Bob Barr
Expressed existence of the lack of evidence.

Former FBI Director (former Judge) William S. Sessions. (*)
... provides unique perspective from a former FBI Director, and Judge.

Published 2009 Supreme Court Decision makes references to AEDPA legislation (in HTML)
Published 2009 Supreme Court Decision makes references to AEDPA legislation (in PDF) court, state or federal, has ever conducted a hearing to assess the reliability of the score of [post-conviction] affidavits that, if reliable, would satisfy the threshold showing for a truly persuasive demonstration of actual innocence.

The state of this matter (August 24th, 2010 ) is in it's current status.

So. it is thus without question that along with Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich and Troy Anthony Davis, the entirety of American is tied to this case.

Sunday 27 March 2011
Senator Richard Lugar - ranking member of the US Foreign Relations Committee - shouldn't be.
amiel, Sunday 27 March 2011 - 20:40:48 // comment: 0

Meet the Press - Sunday March 27, 2011. Senator Richard Lugar's contributions to the conversions begin 22 minutes into the recorded broadcast (00:22:03.000),

Sounds incredibly ill equipped, information wise, to address the public on the subject matter.

At 22 minutes 40 seconds into the recorded broadcast (his opening words) Senator Richard Lugar begins by completely mis-characterizing the reason for any and every part of what has occurred. " we have justified military action ..."

Senator Lugar, I respectfully suggest that we are participating in the carrying out of, and enforcement of a UN Resolution. No justification by us required or expected.

"... as a humanitarian action to stop the shooting of civilians"

Nope. Senator Lugar, the United States is part of a coalition of over a dozen Nations who's specific aim and purpose is to prevent the ruler of a country from using Military weapons on civilians. We are there to stop the 'killing' of civilians; the 'shooting of civilians, while a very real danger, has been amongst the least of the threats to civilian areas.

At 22 minutes 49 seconds into the recording Senator Richard Lugar states that, "... there must be a plan, there must be objectives".

Both the plan and the objective were stated in the hours leading up to the UN vote on the Resolution, are embodied in the text of the resolution, and have been re-articulated repeatedly.

Out of fairness, specifics of the military s implementation may have been withheld to prevent potential life endangering security problems. You know, `Leaks`.

Less than a minute after the man opened his mouth... the world knows that the ranking member of the US Foreign Relations Committee hasn't got a clue.

See Video (here)

Wednesday 23 March 2011
Museveni, Mugabe and Zuma
amiel, Wednesday 23 March 2011 - 00:08:24 // comment: 0

Garnering information from the BBC news website

For Mr Zuma. ... probably true. But the character of life under the previous leadership had been made know to the world. Apparently it was intolerable. Expressions and descriptions of life there by citizens were persuasively consistent. So intolerable as to lead to an uprising aimed solely at the leader of the country. Persuasive, well articulated, focused and even somewhat orderly despite efforts to disrupt the orderliness. So, the 'regime-change that you speak of was already underway.

The massed artillery and rocket fire was clearly intended to suppress any resistance and avoid regime-change. Problem with this response to the resistance was that, as implemented, it was designed to send the ruthless and graphically explicit, heartless and barbaric message that resistance to the oppression would result in widespread death and destruction. A random, reckless, wholesale slaughter intended to send the message that to resist is futile.

Mr. Zuma. You may find that palatable or by some means of reasoning valid. But the bulk of the civilized world finds it to be in no way valid or in any way justifiable. The President of the United States has it right and no amount of rationalization can change the fact(s) which clearly indicate that the man intended to kill massive numbers of people to make his point. And unless stopped, he would have (or will).

For President Robert Mugabe... You are right. It is about Oil. An irrefutable fact of the geography. It is a simple question of whether the benefits of the Oil sold will continue to line the pockets of Gadaffi and his chosen few, Or whether the arrangement will change and a broader scope of the population will begin to benefit from the Oil revenues. So yes it is about Oil (revenue). That part has never been a secret.

For Mr. Hifikepunye Pohamba. This is precisely why no one takes African leaders seriously, except to the extent that they are very often considered to be dangerous to their own people. Do you use 'Facebook' at all? Do you know what we know about Libya? Your comments sound like the iconofied remarks that Sheriff 'Bull' Conner and other notable southern racialist's managed to turn into 'themes' to legitimize a lifestyle of the mis-treatment of Black Americans in the southern United States back in the middle 1960's. And politicians actually argued 'States Rights' vs. the Right (and responsibility) of the Federal Government to require States to respect the rights of all Citizens. That's pretty much what the American Civil Rights Movement was made of. ..., "meddling in our affairs". You want us to go back where we came from I guess and let you handle things your own way...

For Mr. Odein Ajumogobia. There is no comparison between the Ivory Coast (disputed election) and the civilian uprising in Libya (after 40 years of dictatorial rule).

In Libya the commander of the armed forces declared that he will unleash the armed forces on the citizenry to both punish them and discipline them against resisting his rule.

The only rational response by any power able to adequately respond, is to eliminate his ability to carry out such a threat. And as far as fairness to him is concerned... he should have thought about the potential results before he opened his mouth to make these threats, and before sending an army to carry these threats out. And based on his aforementioned actions, the world doesn't owe him anything even remotely resembling fairness be it legal or be it moral.

Sunday 20 March 2011
Libya - final. This is happening very fast.
amiel, Sunday 20 March 2011 - 01:53:43 // comment: 0

Formal reporting from British and Canadian Military forces indicate a full scale coordinated attack. British Pilots have flown missions directly from England (4,828km) and back. I already see that I will not be able to keep up with the military activities. Seems Libya state broadcasting has done a good job in providing mis- information to Citizens in Tripoli for the past several weeks.

Suffice it to say that if one is resting in Tripoli tonight (March 19, 2010) anywhere in the vicinity of Military installations (or Qaddafi) you should quickly move away for your own safety.

Saturday 19 March 2011
Nicolas Sarkozy - French jets over Libya
amiel, Saturday 19 March 2011 - 15:25:04 // comment: 0

Late (evening) March 18, 2010 US news announces that US President Barack Obama, following a United Nations vote on the use of military force in Libya, declared unequivocally that Gaddafi will be aggressively prevented from continued military attacks on civilians in Libya.

There is no 'Coalition of the willing' in this case (... remember the theatrics at Reykjavik and the two flags; the U.S.'s and Iceland's).

Instead there is a real coalition of Arab (Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, the Arab League), Australia, and European Nations that participated in first drafting the UN Resolution, working with the UN processes, and following a UN Vote (and world consensus) are now providing the military force that is necessary to enforce the requirements of the Resolution. All of which seems to be geared at stopping the use of high-end military armaments against Civilian targets.

As a part of the UN Resolution, additional measures are to be taken that include stopping the flow of Foreign mercenaries into the conflict, and the application of measures to freeze the assets of individuals and companies exploiting Libyan resources while participating in attacks on civilians.

French pilots have lead the way in the Military Air Efforts (this morning) to stop bombardment of civilians when it became apparent that Gaddafii forces were not complying with the unilateral (Gadaffie's own) cease fire. The French Jets that were over Libyan soil as of the time of this writing flew directly from French air bases.

Italians indicated affirmative to military participation going beyond the use of Italian air bases.

Canadian and British aircraft are standing by.

Tank, artillery and missile batteries are wise to abandon their equipment in place and walk back to Tripoli. 12:20 EST.

Amongst the Arab League Member representatives who assisted in drafting the UN Resolution(s) was the new President of Egypt.

One final note. I would probably never otherwise have noticed. The US Ambassador is very attractive woman. (click)

Saturday 05 March 2011
Michael Scheuer quoted from the Washington Post Newspaper
amiel, Saturday 05 March 2011 - 08:14:49 // comment: 0

Michael Scheuer quoted from the Washington Post Newspaper.

"Bin Laden and his peers are counting on the fact that the uprisings' secular, pro-democracy Facebookers and tweeters - so beloved of reality-averse Western journalists and politicians - are a thin veneer across a deeply pious Arab world. They are confident that these revolts are not about democratic change but about who, in societies where peaceful transfers of power are rare, will fill the vacuum left by the dictators and consolidate power."

O.K. now my turn.

The Washington post fails to mention that Dictators, HISTORICALLY are replaced by even worse dictators. Such as the Iranian government which replaced the Shah in the middle Seventies.

The real danger in the immediate is the talking heads, motivated by self who ultimately serve the purpose of influencing conventional media reporting and can side track the entire conversation, and global effort, to engage in a dramatically dynamically different kind of conversation in the first place.

And very much like the oppressive influence of dictatorial rule on individual lives elsewhere. The backwardness of thinking of purported 'experts' that the American media often subjects us to, has only served to limit our conversations whereby they provide the vocabulary and in fact (inMichael Scheuer's words) asks us to discount and abandon communication vehicles like Facebook and twitter altogether.

Michael Scheuer, Facebook is groupware. Something that was not really available when you were employed. In todays work-world groupware applications are routinely used, the purpose and value of groupware is to facilitate communication. Facebook is groupware on a world scale. Thus communication on a world scale.

Facebook is not part of a Communist plot. And your words were some of the (sadly) stupid remarks that could have come out of this thing.... so, Bin Laden uses facebook. And based on your having read his mind, and knowing his thoughts. We should all believe that the dramatic events in the Eastern world, previously described as having been aided by the fluid communication that is available via the internet(Facebook, twitter) is a thinly veiled exercise backed by terrorists, ...lurking in the background...

O.K., I confess, I admit it. I did have some optimistic feeling for Egypt, and Libya (especially), but you're right I must be under the influence of the tramadol.

A quick note. The Washington Post buries its readers comments pretty effectively so that comments do not appear on the same page as the original story (Mar 5, 2011). Further, reader comments are difficult to access at all through the links provided there. The result is that reader responses to these kinds of articles, while there are plenty, they are seldom if ever seen or read through their site.

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